CEN-CENELEC Sector Forum 'Energy Management' 

The Sector Forum 'Energy Management' was created in 2006 as a joint CEN and CENELEC platform. The creation of this Sector Forum was one of the recommendations of the CEN-CENELEC BT Joint Working Group on Energy Management (2002 - 2005) which in its final report identified a series of standardization priorities in the field of energy management and advised to create a platform to develop a common general strategy for the improvement of energy efficiency standardization.



The Sector Forum Energy Management aims to:
  • enable participation of CEN and CENELEC members in the identification of standardization needs with respect to energy management;
  • facilitate coordination and information exchange between the various CEN and CENELEC technical bodies working on energy management issues;
  • liaise with relevant industry and professional European organizations, facilitate exchange of information between energy experts and establish an interface with the European Commission;
  • investigate and evaluate standardization needs in relation to the objectives of European legislation dealing with energy management and promote the issuing of mandates by the European Commission when relevant;
  • analyse strategic developments and issues in the marketplace, especially future challenges relating to development of new advanced technologies related to energy efficiency and savings, renewable and alternative energy sources, appliances and systems in close connection with research framework programmes;
  • analyse strategic developments related to regulation and standardization, in as far as these may impact on the specific work priorities and the standardization process.


The Sector Forum normally meets three times per year.  The Secretariat of the Sector Forum is provided by AFNOR (French Standardization Body).

In order to have an exchange of views on specific subjects or to examine the possibility to carry out standardization activities on new areas, the Sector Forum can establish working groups.  In the past working groups have been established in relation to energy certificates (brown, green and white), benchmarking methodologies or energy audits.
As a result of the recommendations of these groups new standardization activities were started in areas such as guarantees of origin and energy certificates, benchmarking methodologies on energy use in industry and other subsectors or energy audits.

More recently, the Sector Forum created three working groups on hydrogen, transport and on financial tools in relation to energy efficiency projects.

In 2014, one of the working groups of the Sector Forum Energy Management finalised a report with information on the implementation and use of EN ISO 50001 “Energy management systems - Requirements with guidance for use” and the benefits experienced by those companies that had implemented it. The group also elaborated a correlation table analysing the relationship between existing and draft standards on energy management and energy efficiency (EN 15900, EN 16247, EN 16212, …) and the Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU) in order to support its implementation. 
In 2015, the Sector Forum working group on hydrogen finalised a report with an analysis of the state of the art and standardization in relation to hydrogen technologies and the existing gaps. One  of the recommendations of the report was the creation of a technical committee on hydrogen. CEN-CLC TC 6 'Hydrogen' was created at the beginning of 2016.

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