Smart House 

A SmartHouse is described as a house that has intelligent systems, intelligent equipment and networks and has services that use the SmartHouse intelligence (from CLC/CWA 50487 – SmartHouse Code of Practice)

The adoption of intelligent homes and the interoperability of products for commands and controls from multiple suppliers within homes involve an appropriate coordination of standards and the further development of CEN and CENELEC activities in this area. 



Technical bodies and activities

The Commission funded the SmartHouse Roadmap project (2010 and 2011) which has been given the task to develop a strategic roadmap, in order to reflect properly the growth of the SmartHouse and all the services, applications, systems and networks associated with it and to encourage future market growth (for more information, visit CENELEC related webpage).
After the development of the project (final event held on 2011-02-09), the coordination of the standardization activities around SmartHouse were taken over by CLC/TC 205 ‘Home and Building Electronic Systems (HBES) and more particularly by its Working Group 2 which has been given the task to coordinate the introduction of the output of the SmartHouse Roadmap project into the regular standardization work.
From CEN side, the SmartHouse activities are followed by CEN/TC 294 ‘Communication systems for meters and remote reading of meters’, in full coordination with CLC/TC 205.
Other topics related to ICT covered by both CEN and CENELEC are Smart Grids, Smart Cities and Smart Meters.

 More information on the SmartHouse Roadmap project from the CENELEC website.