CEN-CENELEC Focus Group on Quantum Technologies 

In April 2020, the Technical Boards of CEN and CENELEC have set up a Focus Group on Quantum Technologies (QT). The secretariat of the Focus Group is held by DIN. The Focus Group will have its first kick-off meeting virtually on 18 June 2020.

The Focus Group will ensure the interaction between relevant stakeholders interested in identifying standardization needs in the field of Quantum Technologies and recommend further actions to ensure that standards support the deployment of such technologies in industry.

The Focus Group has been created building on the results of the joint workshop “Making Quantum Technology ready for Industry”, organised together with the Joint Research Centre (JRC), which identified initial needs for standardization in the field of Quantum Technologies and set the basis for an active dialogue and cooperation between the communities of researchers and standardizers.

The QT Flagship initiative, launched by the European Commission to fund leading scientists and engineers over the next ten years, is closely involved in the Focus Group. The Flagship directly addresses standards as a tool to envision an accelerated development and market uptake of Quantum Technologies with an impact on a large range of commercial applications.

The Focus Group will set up a High-Level Expert Group, appointed by the European Commission, which will include experts in Quantum Technologies and standardization. The Expert Group will act as the focal point for the European Commission’s ambitions on standardization in the field of Quantum Technologies.

Researchers and organizations active in QT can express their interest in contributing to this Focus Group by contacting their National Standardization Bodies (NSBs-CEN) or National Committees (NCs-CENELEC), who will organize the contributions at national level to the Focus Group.

Please find the name and contact of your NSBs via these links:

For more information on the Focus Group, please contact Nooshin AMIRIFAR.