European legislation and mandates 

Following specific requests – called 'standardization requests' or 'mandates' – from the European Commission, CEN and CENELEC develop European Standards that support the European legislation in a number of domains. The mandated standards are called 'Harmonized Standards' and their references and titles are published in the 'Official Journal of the European Union'.
EU Directives
In the field of ecodesign, CEN and CENELEC are mandated by the European Commission to develop Harmonized Standards in support of the various product specific Ecodesign Regulations (also known as ‘Implementing Measures’) implementing the framework Directive 2009/125/EC on the ecodesign of energy related products.
An up-to-date overview of the Ecodesign Regulations adopted so far can be accessed through the dedicated EC webpage.
Up until 2012 the European Commission used to mandate CEN and CENELEC by means of individual, product specific standardization requests. Due to the high number of products being regulated in terms of energy efficiency, that approach was replaced in 2012 by a single horizontal mandate, Mandate 495 (M/495), which intended to cover all possible future products to be standardized and was supposed to be amended regularly based on the latest regulatory developments. Only three amendments to M/495 were issued by the European Commission and accepted by CEN and CENELEC as the M/495 concept had to be abandoned in 2013 due to legal reasons. In 2014, the EC therefore reinstated the original approach of issuing individual, product specific mandates.
The individual mandates issued prior to M/495, most of which are still active, are: (all documents are in pdf format).
Mandate reference  Title
 M/488 Air conditioners and comfort fans
 M/485 Fluorescent lamps, high-intensity discharge lamps, and ballasts and luminaires able to operate such lamps
 M/481 Household dishwashers
 M/477 Televisions
 M/476 Variable speed drives and/or power drive system products
 M/470 Electric motors
 M/469 Circulators
 M/462 ICT to enable efficient energy use in fixed and mobile information and communication networks
 M/459 Household refrigerating appliances
 M/451 Power consumption measurement of simple set-top boxes in active and standby modes
 M/450 External power supplies
 M/439 Power consumption for energy using products (standby and off modes)