Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies 

New technologies have emerged over the last years, creating a need for standardization. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies are those new sectors, which produces standardization solutions. In this context, CEN and CENELEC support the activities of ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 42, IEC SEG 10 on Artificial Intelligence and ISO/TC 307 on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies.


CEN, together with CENELEC, has created two Focus Groups to mirror the activities of those groups, in order to identify potential specific European requirements, and to act as an interface with the European Commission. Those two technical bodies also have an advisory role towards others technical committees, which sector of activity is impacted by AI and DLT technologies:


1. CEN-CENELEC Focus Group Artificial Intelligence:

Beginning 2019, the Technical Boards of CEN and CENELEC have set up a Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence which held its first meeting in April 2019 in Copenhagen. The secretariat of the Focus Group is held by Danish Standards. The main objective of the Focus Group was to develop an AI standardization Roadmap for Europe that is available here.

For more information on the Focus Group, please contact Constant Kohler or join the LinkedIn Group to be periodically informed on the latest development of AI related topics.

2. CEN-CENELEC Focus Group on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies:

CEN and CENELEC jointly created in 2017 a Focus Group on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT). The primary objective of the Focus Group has been to identify specific European needs and requirements for the implementation of Blockchain and DLT in Europe, and to map these needs against the work items of ISO/TC 307 ‘Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies’. The identification of such specific requirements has been formalized in the CEN-CENELEC White Paper ‘Recommendations for Successful Adoption in Europe of Emerging Technical Standards on Distributed Ledger/Blockchain Technologies‘.