Other Sectoral Activities 

  • Accessibility to spectator facilities

CEN/TC 315 'Spectator facilities' is drafting standards for architectural design and performance requirements for spectator facilities for sports and multipurpose venues and more specifically standards for layout criteria including spacing, access and egress, sight lines, positioning of separation fences and barriers. It has drafted a Technical Report, CEN/TR 15913:2009 'Spectator facilities - Layout criteria for viewing area for spectators with special needs'

  • Accessibility to lifts

CEN/TC 10 'Lifts, escalators and moving walks' is drafting standards for establishment of safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts and service lifts;- of escalators and passenger conveyors. and has developed the European Standard EN 81-70:2018,'Safety rules for the construction and installations of lifts - Particular applications for passenger and goods passenger lifts – Part 70: Accessibility to lifts for persons including persons with disability'. The scope of this EN is to specify the minimum requirements for the safe and independent access and use of lifts by persons, including persons with disabilities. CEN/TC 10 is now working on the new version of this standard to improve the specifications dealing with contrast of buttons.

The EN 81-82:2013, on 'Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts - Existing lifts - Part 82: Improvement of the accessibility of existing lifts for persons including persons with disability', complements the rules in this area.

  • Assistive products and disability

CEN/TC 293 is drafting standards the field of assistive products and related services including interoperability/interface between assistive and mainstream products to achieve accessibility. The technical committee is currently revising EN 12183: 2014 Manual wheelchairs - Requirements and test methods and EN 12184: 2014 Electrically powered wheelchairs, scooters and their chargers - Requirements and test methods.

  • Transport – Logistics and services

CEN/TC 320 is developing standards for activities and services undertaken in support of the transport of passengers, freight and personal effects. The technical committee is currently developing prEN 17148 Transport Services - Customer communications for passenger transport services - A Universal Design approach. The standard specifies requirements and recommendations for the planning, design, development and provision of communication services related to passenger transport so that this information can be accessed, understood and used by the widest range of users, including persons with disabilities and older persons.

  • Ergonomics

CEN/TC 122 – Ergonomics is developing standards in the field of ergonomics principles and requirements for the design of work systems and work environments, including machinery and personal protective equipment, to promote the health, safety and well-being of the human operator and the effectiveness of the work systems.