Other sectoral activities 

    • Accessibility to spectator facilities

CEN/TC 315 'Spectator facilities' is drafting standards for architectural design and performance requirements for spectator facilities for sports and multipurpose venues and more specifically standards for layout criteria including spacing, access and egress, sight lines, positioning of separation fences and barriers. It has drafted a Technical Report, CEN/TR 15913:2009 'Spectator facilities - Layout criteria for viewing area for spectators with special needs'

  • Accessibility to lifts

The  European Standard, EN 81-70:2003/A1:2004, gives the 'Safety rules for the construction and installations of lifts - Particular applications for passenger and goods passenger lifts – Part 70: Accessibility to lifts for persons including persons with disability'. The scope of this EN is to specify the minimum requirements for the safe and independent access and use of lifts by persons, including persons with disabilities.
A Technical Specification, TS 81-82:2008, on 'Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts - Existing lifts - Part 82: Improvement of the accessibility of existing lifts for persons including persons with disability', complements  the rules in this area.

  • Accessibility in Collective Transport Systems (ACTS)

In collective transport systems, a CEN-CENELEC Workshop Agreement 'Guidelines for standards developers to address the needs of older persons and persons with disabilities', CEN-CENELEC CWA 45546-1:2004, was published in 2004.

CEN and CENELEC contact person: Claire DALIER