European Standardization Organizations' guidance documents 

Guidance documents in standardization related to Accessibility

  • CEN-CENELEC Guide 6 (2014) 'Guide for addressing accessibility in standards' (pdf format) sets out a methodology for considering accessibility and integrating relevant requirements during the development and revision of standards for a wide variety of products, services and environments. It is intended for use by standards developers, as well as by designers, manufacturers, service providers, service users and policy makers. The new edition of CEN-CENELEC Guide 6 replaces the previous edition (published in 2002). CEN-CENELEC Guide 6:2014 is identical to ISO/IEC Guide 71:2014 which was published on 1 December 2014.

  • ETSI Guide EG 202 116 : Guidelines for products and services 'Design for All' (DfA) is widely used and referenced by ICT companies, car manufacturers, standards bodies, the UN Committee on Human Rights, academic institutions, etc. Under the guidance, the Human Factors Technical Committee of ETSI seeks to apply the ‘DfA approach’ to all its standardization work.

  • CEN-CENELEC Protocol on accessibility following a Design for All approach in standardization”. This report helps the technical bodies to decide whether accessibility following a Design for All should be addressed when developing or revising a standardization deliverable.