Built environment 

Accessibility in the built environment is essential for people with disabilities and older people to be able to exercise their rights and participate fully in society. The standardization mandate from the European Commission, M/420, addressed to CEN, CENELEC and ETSI, in line with the EU Disability Strategy 2010-2020, supports accessibility in the built environment. The work under this mandate was structured in two phases:

  • Phase I of the mandate
    Required the establishment of an inventory and feasibility of European and international accessibility standards in the built environment and feasibility studies to explore missing areas. Stakeholders and public in general had the chance to make contributions during a public consultation process of 2 months to the Joint Report produced by Project Team A and Project Team B and followed up by CEN/BT WG 207 "Accessibility in built environment". An Open Meeting was held in order to disseminate the results of Phase I and to involve relevant stakeholders.
  • Phase II of the mandate
    Phase II M/420 started in January 2016 and is based on the recommendations of Phase I to further develop standardization documents outlining functional accessibility requirements in support of a suitable approach for design, procurement and management of access to the built environment. 

Phase II  will consist of a:

  • European Standard (EN) at the level of common functional accessibility requirements of the built environment to be used as either technical specifications or as criteria for awarding public contracts and which are applicable to all built environment elements identified in Phase I and usable in public procurement, but also in the context of other policies and legislation including in private settings.
  • Technical Report (TR 1) describing the technical performance criteria to be able to fulfil the functional accessibility requirements of the EN
  • Technical Report (TR 2) on conformity assessment

The work is financed by an EC/EFTA Specific Grant Agreement for Action.

CEN-CENELEC Joint Working Group 6

The CEN-CENELEC Joint Working Group 6 ‘Accessibility in the Built Environment’  is responsible for the standardization activities of Mandate M/420 Phase II. It is supported by a Team of Experts and a Project Team leader selected through open call. The work will be ending in 2019. Open workshops are meant to be organised and announced as to collect feedbacks from relevant external stakeholders.  

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CEN-CENELEC JWG 6 officers

Mr Jesús Hernández-Galán
Fundación ONCE

Mr Fernando Machicado

Constant Kohler
Programme Manager