The standardization activities of CEN and CENELEC cover products, processes and services across a wide range of particular fields. Although their fields of competence are generally different, CEN and CENELEC cooperate in a number of areas of common interest, such as the machinery sector or information and communication technologies (ICTs). Furthermore, they share common policies on a number of issues.

In recent years, CEN and CENELEC activities have strongly focused on new challenges, fields and areas in which standardization activities had not previously been developed. These new fields are mainly innovative technologies such as nanotechnologies, smart grids, ecodesign and electric vehicles.

Specific CEN activities cover:
Accessibility, air and Space, bio-based products, chemistry, construction, consumer products, energy and utilities, environment, food, health and safety, healthcare, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), ICTs, innovation, machinery safety, materials, measurement, nanotechnologies, pressure equipment, security and defence, services, transport and packaging.

Specific CENELEC activities cover electrotechnical standardization in sectors such as:
Electric vehicles, smart grids, smart metering, household appliances, information and communication technologies (ICTs) , electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electrical engineering, fibre optic communications, fuel cells, medical equipment, railways, smart grids, smart metering, solar (photovoltaic) electricity systems, etc.

A growing number of sectors are being addressed by both CEN and CENELEC in the framework of their joint activities. These include: accessibility, electric vehicles, smart grids, ICT, medical equipment, machinery safety, railways, etc.

For more information about the respective fields of activity of CEN and CENELEC please see the relevant pages on the CEN website and CENELEC website.