Measuring instruments 

Measuring instruments allow accuracy of measurement – water meters, gas meters, electricity meters, etc. - and play a more and more significant role in today's society, by raising the industry and consumers' awareness on their actual consumption and making them more environmentally responsible.
In the field of measurement, CEN develops standardization deliverables for heat, gas, and water meters, whereas the electricity sector is covered by CENELEC.

CEN and CENELEC Contact persons: Joanna Frankowska

News and events

  • CEN/TC 438 ‘Additive Manufacturing’ meeting will be held in Lisbon, Portugal on 2017-11-16

Technical bodies and activities

  • CEN/TC 92 - Water meters
    Standardization for meters to measure volume flow of cold drinking water and heated water enclosed in full conduits, irrespective of the technology applied.
  • CEN/TC 171 - Heat cost allocation
    Support of the innovative technology market with the revision of standards for heat cost allocators.
  • CEN/TC 176 - Heat meters
    Development and regular updating of EN 1434 for heat meters for district heating based on the market requirements and technical developments.
  • CEN/TC 237 - Gas meters
    Standardization of the requirements for the construction, performance and safety of gas meters, including diaphragm, rotary displacement, turbine, ultrasonic domestic gas meters, and all associated conversion devices.
  • CEN/TC 294 - Communication systems for meters and remote reading of meters
    Standardization of communication systems with meters and remote reading of meters for all kind of fluids and energies distributed by network and also suitable for household meters.
  • CEN/TC 318 - Hydrometry
    Standardization of methods, procedures, instruments and equipment related to techniques for hydrometric determinations of the water cycle.
  • CENELEC/TC 13 – Equipment for electrical energy measurement and load control
    Standardization in the field for metering equipment and systems (using whenever possible IEC standards), including smart metering systems, for electrical energy measurement, tariff- and load control, customer information and payment, for use in power stations, along the network and at energy end users, as well as to prepare international standards for meter test equipment and methods.

European legislation and mandates

European Standards are developed in the context of European legislation and sometimes come in direct support to particular Directives or Regulations.
EU directives
  • Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) – 2004/22/EC
    In 2004, the Council and the European Parliament adopted the MID, which applies to the design, manufacturing and conformity assessment of measuring instruments. The directive covers 10 categories of measuring instruments and mainly addresses precision, reliability and security of instruments. Standards developed in compliance with the MID are recognised as 'harmonized' standards and are cited in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).
  • Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) Recast – 2014/32/EU
    In 2014, the Council and the European Parliament adopted the MID recast.

Reference and title of the harmonized standards in the OJEU.

Mandates (all in pdf format)

  • M/347 – Programming mandate to CEN, CENELEC and ETSI relating to measuring instruments
    The mandate requested the European Standardization Organizations (ESOs) to prepare a work programme of European Standards in order to support the MID.
    In the joint response to the mandate, CEN identified work to be carried out by three Technical Committees (CEN/TC 92 'Water meters', CEN/TC 176 'Heat meters' and CEN/TC 237 'Gas meters') and which consisted in the updating by amendment or revision of already adopted European Standards to conform the essential requirements of the directive.
  • M/374 – Mandate to CEN and CENELEC for standardization in the field of measuring instruments
    The mandate invited CEN and CENELEC to develop standards for measuring instruments, as described in the joint response to the programming mandate M/347.
  • M/412 – Standardization mandate to CEN and CENELEC in the field of non-automatic weighing instruments for the revision of EN 45501:1992
    The mandate invites CEN and CENELEC to draw up standards for non-automatic weighing instruments (NAWI) in order to update the existing EN 45501, taking into consideration electromagnetic compatibility.
    A CEN/CENELEC Joint Working Group (CEN/CENELEC JWG NAWI) has been set up to carry out the requested work.
  • M/441 – Standardization mandate to CEN, CENELEC and ETSI in the field of measuring instruments for the development of an open architecture for utility meters involving communication protocols enabling interoperability.
    The mandate invites the three ESOs to develop European Standards for an open architecture for utility meters involving communication protocols that enables interoperability. More information on the work performed under Mandate 441.
  • M/457 - Standardization mandate to CEN, CENELEC and ETSI in the field of tyre pressure gauges for motor vehicles and tyre pressure management systems (measuring instruments).
    The mandate invites ESOs to create European standards for the metrological aspects of tyre pressure gauges which operate using pressure equipment to inflate the tyres of road using vehicles (cars, trucks) and which may cover the introperability of the tyre pressure gauges with the tyre pressure management systems which monitor the pressure of the tyre of the vehicle, whereby the TPG may be steered by the TPMS.

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