Information and Communication Technology (ICT) 

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a broad category that includes everything from computers to telephones, television to the internet, satellite-based navigation and other innovative technologies. These technologies have become increasingly important in our daily lives and for all kinds of business, educational and other activities. Having access to the latest ICTs is therefore essential for social and economic development.

In the ICT sector it is especially important that products and services are mutually compatible and interoperable, so that information can be shared over the internet, and people can communicate with each other using different devices. Relevant standards help to ensure that products such as computer peripherals and other electronic gadgets made by different companies are able to work together seamlessly.


The BT/WG 6  ‘ICT standardization policy’ aims to develop ways and means for further improving the visibility and recognition of CEN and CENELEC and to draft responses to political issues in ICT standardization context. Amongst its activities is the support to the CEN and CENELEC representatives in the European Commission's ICT Multistakeholder Platform.

Other topics related to ICT covered by both CEN and CENELEC are Smart Grids, Smart Meters and Green Data Centres.


In CEN, work is taking place in Technical Committees, in Focus Groups and in Workshops. CEN also has the eBusiness Coordination Group that intends to provide a focal point concerning eBusiness standardization.

CEN Focus Groups aim to report on the current standards environment in a particular area of public interest, with a view to providing recommendations on necessary standardization work to be carried out in the future.

CEN Workshops aim to arrive at a consensus on an issue that can be published as a CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA). These deliverables may take the form of best practice agreements, codes of conduct or pre-standards, with the formal backing of CEN.


In CENELEC, work is taking place in Technical Committees, as well as in Workshops.


CEN and CENELEC Contact persons: Constant Kohler