CEN-CENELEC Workshop on Guidelines on evaluation systems and schemes for physical security products - WS HECTOS  

The HECTOS project focuses on the functional performance evaluation schemes for physical security products used for security of people, property and infrastructure, including barriers (e.g. fences, gates), access management (e.g.  locks, safes, access control, biometrics), surveillance (e.g. video surveillance systems (CCTV), security lighting) and detection. The HECTOS framework consists of system key building blocks, scheme key building blocks, certification processes, system management structure, certification mark hierarchy, actors and roles and controlling documents.

The workshop will describe a generic framework to accommodate these needs identified by the HECTOS project as a result of the CEN-CENELEC Workshop in order to transfer research results combined with stakeholder needs into standardization. The framework, developed within HECTOS consortium, is based on the ISO/IEC 17000 Conformity Assessment family of standards.


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CWA open for comments
Deadline: 7 January 2018

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