Defence and security 


Europe’s defence industry employs around 400 000 people directly, and it supports another 1 million jobs indirectly. This sector has an important role to play in enabling Europe to retain its position as a world leader in manufacturing and innovation. The need to reinforce the competitiveness of the defence industry has been highlighted by the Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

CEN and CENELEC contact person: Luc Van den Berghe


Security & cybersecurity

Our societies are increasingly being confronted with various kinds of security threats, including man-made threats such as terrorism and organized crime, natural disasters, pandemics and major technical accidents. The ability of the responsible public authorities and emergency services to respond to such threats depends on having common terminology and procedures, compatible equipment and communication systems. Standardization can contribute to overcoming fragmentation in this field by increasing interoperability and compatibility of systems and products.

The security of information and communication systems (or ‘cybersecurity’) is an area of increasing concern, both for public authorities (from local governments to international organizations) and for private companies (from micro-enterprises to large multinationals).

In 2016, the CEN-CENELEC Focus Group on Cybersecurity (CSCG) has been established to analyze technological developments and their impact for the Digital Single market, to assess how standards can support policies and regulations on cybersecurity and data protection and to set out recommendations for international standards setting.

CEN and CENELEC contact person: Alina Iatan