European Standards for the space industry 

In 2011 CEN received a mandate from the European Commission (Mandate 496) requesting the development of European Standards for the space industry.
Already in 2007 CEN had accepted a first mandate (Mandate 415) whose output was a list of space related areas which needed consolidating in Europe through standardization. Ten areas were identified at the time. Through Mandate 496, CEN is now requested to develop standards in these ten fields.
CEN-CENELEC and ECSS have signed a MoU ensuring that both parties cooperate efficiently in developing European Standards.

CEN and CENELEC contact person: Thierry Legrand

News and events

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Technical bodies and activities

CEN and CENELEC  have created the joint Technical Committee, CEN-CENELEC/TC 5 'Space'. Its mission is to respond to the European Commission's Mandate 496 on space industry.

Coordination activities

A Space Standardization Coordination Group will ensure consistency of the work within the European Standardization Organizations in order to avoid duplication and conflict and ensure that the work plan. Its progress is presented to a large audience including the European Commission and the European community of manufacturers, operators and users of space products for advice and guidance. This Coordination Group will replace the current Space Standardization Monitoring Group.

European legislation and mandates

CEN and CENELEC have received the following mandates from the European Commission for drafting European Standards:
  • M/237 - Equipment for the space industry;
  • M/415 - Establishment of space industry standards;
  • M/496 - Development of European Standards in space industry (Phase 3 of the Process).

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