CEN WS 87 on Novel methods for isolating wear particles from joint replacements and related devices and for evaluating their biological impact in vitro 

The Workshop is related to the European Commission’s FP7 RTD project ‘LifeLongJoints’, which focuses on developing a new ceramic coating system for use in hip prostheses that will have very low wear and for which the wear particles, when produced, will be bio-resorbable and biocompatible.

This Workshop aims at producing two CEN Workshop Agreements. It will deliver (1) new wear particle isolation procedures that will allow the collection and subsequent biological testing of wear debris from joint simulator and reciprocating wear testing under joint relevant conditions and (2) a toolkit of tests providing a significantly more relevant, and complete measure of biological impact of wear particles by considering inflammatory cytokine release, cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, oxidative stress and membrane toxicity.

CEN Workshop Status

The web-based kick-off meeting took place on 2017-06-15.
During the kick-off meeting the Project Plan (pdf format) was adopted, the Secretariat was confirmed and the Chair appointed.

Next meeting
A 3-day Workshop will take place on 26-28 September 2017. The Workshop is free of charge and is open to CEN/WS 87 registered participants.

To register to the Workshop, please fill in the registration form (word format) and send it by email to the Workshop Secretary, Ms Jacqueline Burman.

CEN Workshop Agreements


Workshop's officers

Workshop Secretary
Ms Jacqueline Burman
British Standards Institute (BSI)
CEN-CENELEC Management Centre
Ms Katerina Kokesova