Energy labelling 

Among its Horizon 2020 objectives, the European Union aims at reducing the energy consumption by 20%. As a contribution to those efforts, a number of product specific Regulations imposing minimum values for the energy efficiency of products through their whole life cycle are being adopted by the European Commission. Those are called Ecodesign Regulations. In parallel to them, Energy Labelling Regulations regulate the classification of products in various energy efficiency classes, and the way this information is displayed to the consumer.

At the request of the European Commission, CEN and CENELEC develop European Standards that provide manufacturers with guidance on how to classify their products in line with the Energy Labelling Regulations, and on how to display the information on their products.

CEN and CENELEC contact person: Mercedes Mira Costa

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Technical bodies and activities

A dozen CEN and CENELEC Technical Committees develop European Standards in the field of energy labelling, and their number is likely to increase over time depending on the regulatory developments at the level of the European Commission. Technical Committees currently active in this field cover topics as diverse as, and not limited to:
  • Air conditioning
  • Dishwashers
  • Domestic ovens, hobs and range hoods
  • Lamps
  • Refrigerating appliances
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Washing machines

Sector forum

A Sector Forum is a platform aiming at facilitating the exchange of information between the various stakeholders impacted by, involved in or interested in the European standardization activities in a particular domain. It also constitutes a convenient means of coordinating the standardization activities and identifying new standardization needs.
The topic of energy labelling is discussed jointly with topics related to ecodesign within a joint CEN-CENELEC Sector Forum. The Terms of Reference of this 'CEN-CENELEC Ecodesign Coordination Group' (Eco-CG) were adopted in 2012.

European legislation and mandates

Following specific requests – called 'standardization requests' or 'mandates' – from the European Commission, CEN and CENELEC develop European Standards that support the European legislation in a number of domains. The mandated standards are called 'Harmonized Standards' and their references and titles are published in the 'Official Journal of the European Union'.
EU Directives
In the field of energy labelling, CEN and CENELEC are mandated by the European Commission to develop Harmonized Standards in support of the various product specific Energy Labelling Regulations supplementing the framework Directive 2010/30/EU on the energy labelling of products (pdf format).
An up-to-date overview of the Energy Labelling Regulations adopted so far can be accessed through the dedicated EC webpage.
Up until 2012 the European Commission used to mandate CEN and CENELEC by means of individual, product specific standardization requests. Due to the high number of products being regulated in terms of energy efficiency and energy labelling, that approach was replaced in 2012 by a single horizontal mandate, Mandate 495 (M/495), which intended to cover all possible future products to be standardized and was supposed to be amended regularly based on the latest regulatory developments. Only three amendments to M/495 were issued by the European Commission and accepted by CEN and CENELEC, because the M/495 concept had to be abandoned in 2013 due to legal reasons. In 2014, the EC therefore reinstated the original approach of issuing individual, product specific mandates.
The individual mandates issued prior to mandate M/495 (pdf format) that include energy labelling are:

The only amendment to M/495 that includes energy labelling aspects is:

Finally, several standardization requests including Energy Labelling aspects were issued and accepted by CEN and/or CENELEC after 2013 on the following topics:

  • M/534 on water heaters
  • M/535 on space heaters
  • M/537 on ventilation units
  • M/539 on non-household washing machines, dryers and dishwashers
  • M/540 on vacuum cleaners

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Standardization activities in the field of Energy Labelling are carried out maintaining daily contacts with the European Commission’s DG Energy and DG Grow.