CEN-CENELEC-ETSI Coordination Group ‘Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities’ (SSCC-CG) 

CEN-CENELEC-ETSI Coordination Group ‘Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities’ (SSCC-CG)


  • Advises on European interests and needs relating to standardization on Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities;
  • Fosters collaboration around standardization work, taking  into account existing ISO/IEC/ITU activities in view of consistency at the international level;
  • Receives from and provides inputs to the European Commission, in particular through the Smart Cities and Communities European Innovation Partnership (EIP);
  • Reports to the CEN and CENELEC (Technical) and ETSI Boards, providing recommendations for future standardization activities in this topic.


The Group includes representiatives of the CEN, CENELEC and ETSI communities  , but  also  European Commission (DGs MOVE, ENER, CONNECT), representatives of ISO/IEC and ITU, ESO partner organisations ANEC, ORGALIME, FDIC, and other relevant stakeholders such as AGE, Schneider Electric, Siemens,  EUROCITIES (EU network of cities), ICLEI (local Government for Sustainability), EFCA (European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations), EEA (European Energy Awards).

The Secretariat of the Coordination Group is provided by AFNOR, Mrs Mélanie Raimbault

The Chairperson is Mr Jean-Félix, Managing Director of Syntec Ingénierie, and Vice-President of EFCA – the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations.


The SSCC-CG has already taken a number of critical steps forward:

  • Agreement to base the SSCC-CG work on the six purposes of sustainability and smartness for cities and communities as proposed by ISO/TC 268 ‘Sustainable development in communities’
  • Identification of benefits that standardization could bring to this area
  •  Mapping of National standardization initiatives, European and International initiatives (ISO/IEC and ITU respectively ISO TC/268, ISO/TMB/Smart Cities Advisory Group ;  ISO/IEC JTC1 Smart Cities, IEC SEG 1 Systems Evaluation Group, and ITU-T SG 5 Focus Group Smart Cities,  plus work in China and US) and of international organizations (UNEP, World Council on City Data, City Protocol Society) 
  •  Identification of key stakeholders and interested parties
  •  First development of a model proposed by SSCC-CG to identify the evaluation of needs and overlaps for standards in this area
  • Workshops to share case studies and best practices
  • Identification of a standardization strategy for smart cities, including a communication strategy (how to engage stakeholders and make them more familiar with standardization)
  • Standardization fully recognised as horizontal pillar and key enabling factor of projects to be developed under the umbrella of  the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities
  • SSCC-CG commitment towards the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities (EIP) in June 2014
  • Identification of  funding opportunities in HORIZON 2020 research programme

A first CEN-CENELEC-ETSI report including the activities of the SSCC-CG and recommendations for future work was issued in January 2015:

Report - full version (pdf format)
Report - summary (pdf format)

We would welcome feedback on the report and recommendations, together with your general comments and questions on smart city standardisation.

Please contact Ms Monica Ibido, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.