Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies 

CEN and CENELEC jointly created in 2017 a Focus Group on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT). The primary objective of the Focus Group has been to identify specific European needs and requirements for the implementation of Blockchain and DLT in Europe, and to map these needs against the work items of ISO/TC 307 ‘Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies’.

The identification of such specific requirements has been formalized in the CEN-CENELEC White Paper ‘Recommendations for Successful Adoption in Europe of Emerging Technical Standards on Distributed Ledger/Blockchain Technologies‘, which has been developed by the Focus Group and approved by the CEN and CENELEC Technical Boards in October 2018. The White Paper provides 26 recommendations, addresses topics as sustainable development, digital identity, privacy and data protection, and highlights specific European use cases. This CEN-CLC White Paper is a first milestones in the activity of the Focus Group, which will continue to release further editions of the White Paper, according to the latest state of the art. Should you want to comment the White Paper, or to join the Focus Group’s sub-group in charge of it, please contact the Focus Group’s secretary, Carla Sirocchi.