Joint Working Group on Education about standardization (JWG-EaS) (disbanded) 

Following the publication of the European 'Council conclusions on standardization and innovation' (Brussels, 25 September 2008), CEN and CENELEC created a Joint Working Group at European level (JWG-EaS) to improve overall awareness and exchange best practices on the topic.

The Joint Working Group on Education and Standardization had observers from the European Commission and EFTA Secretariat as well as ISO and IEC.

The Terms of Reference of the JWG EaS were up for revision at the end of 2016. Noting that Education about Standardization in Europe falls mainly under national responsibilities and competences - the national standardization organizations being very familiar and acquainted of the national standardization and education systems – it was agreed that the JWG completed its task and was hence disbanded.


Aim of JWG-EaS

The aim of the JWG was: to raise awareness of standardization and increase the number of people who have a fair and positive knowledge of standardization, its characteristics and its benefit.

This constitutes not only educating the young (e.g. by having standardization added to their curricula), but also workers and their managers, government officials, politicians (beyond education ministries) etc. and to convince them of the benefits of standardization and how standards can help to share knowledge, technology and good practices. 

Masterplan on education

The European Standardization Organizations (ESOs) have adopted a Masterplan on Education about Standardization (pdf format), which sets the strategy for education about standardization for the coming years. It is a framework for orchestrated action of major stakeholders in Europe, with European level leadership, initiatives and vision, which support nationally coordinated and implemented actions. The European approach is designed to support national standardization bodies in creating their own structures to drive national activities and share best practices.

Some material

1. The JWG-EaS has developed model curricula to be used by higher education and vocational training organisations: (all in pdf format)

2. The 'repository' of tools and materials is regularly updated with new information on initiatives undertaken by standardization organizations, education material, articles, reports, studies, surveys, etc.
3. CEN, CENELEC and ETSI hosted the June 2013 conferences of the International Cooperation for Education about Standardization (ICES) and the European Academy for Standardization (EURAS). More info and presentations: ICESEURAS
4. On 29 June 2012, the ESOs held a first dialogue on Education about Standardization, with representatives from business, academia, public authorities and the standards organizations.

5. The JWG-EaS has drafted a policy for the ESOs and their members (pdf format) to foster best practice in education about standardization in Europe and steer a series of actions.

6. In order to support European education about standardization, the British Standards Institution, Danish Standards, the National Standards Authority of Ireland, the Finnish Standards Association and the University of Zagreb have, with support from the European Standardization Organizations CEN and CENELEC, developed free educational material for higher education (June 2015). The textbook "A World built on Standards" is supported by multiple choice questions, PowerPoint presentations and case studies of how others have taught standards and standardization.