Participate in the development of standards 

Standards development benefits from the systematic participation of a wide cross-section of society who represent different interests and areas of expertise such as SMEs, trade unions, consumer or environmental organizations.

The EU Regulation 1025/2012 on European Standardization requires European standardization bodies to facilitate access of societal stakeholders in the standardization process. Organizations representing social and environmental sustainability interests are therefore encouraged to participate actively in the standards development process both at European and national level.

To find out more about how to get involved, contact:

  • The 'Environmental Coalition on Standards' (ECOS): ECOS engages with the European Standardization Organizations (CEN and CENELEC and ETSI), providing input into European standards. ECOS is recognized by the European Commission and invite collaboration with European and national stakeholders to advance societal and environmental interest representation in standardization.
  • The Koordinierungsbüro Normungsarbeit der Umweltverbände (KNU) is an ongoing joint initiative by three leading environmental organizations to facilitate environmental interest representation in standards development in Germany.
  • The UK Sustainability Network for Standardisation (UK SNS) works to facilitate environmental interest representation in the development of British Standards.

To participate directly in standards development at national level, find contact details for your CEN National Standardization Body and/or CENELEC National Electrotechnical Committee.