Tools for societal stakeholders in standardization  

The European Standardization Organizations CEN and CENELEC provide a range of supporting tools for societal stakeholders. These tools are publicly available so that anyone who is interested can learn more about standards and keep up-to-date with the latest standardization activities being coordinated by CEN and CENELEC.

Discover these tools following which type of societal stakeholder you are:

elearning course for societal stakeholders
CEN and CENELEC joined forces with ANEC - the European consumer voice in standardisation, ETUC – European Trade Union Confederation and ECOS – Environmental Coalition on Standards, to develop a free, interactive eLearning course that gives clear and straightforward information about standards and the standardization process in Europe, as well as at the national and international levels.

The course contains several modules to help users learn about standards, their development and the key role they play in protecting consumers, workers and the environment. It further demonstrates the importance for civil society to engage in standardization in order to improve, strengthen and add legitimacy to the European Standardization System.

If you want to discover the world of standards, this training is for you! Follow our course and find out why standards are relevant to you, and how you can participate in developing standards that benefit all!
The course is available via