Finding the right standards 

How to identify the right standards for your business and how to use them.

A range of support services are available to help you:

CEN and CENELEC European network of national standards organizations
Your national standards organization can help you to find the right standards according to your activities and needs, to help you to understand them and how they link to other standards. Find your national CEN standardization organization and CENELEC standardization organization.

National SME Helpdesks 

CEN and CENELEC have established national SME helpdesks: many national standardization organizations offer support tailored for specific sectors and technologies in your language.

National Trade Associations and Federations
They operate in specific industries and may also offer a range of standards-related support and advice services to SMEs.

Search for a specific standard
The 'search' functions on the CEN and CENELEC web sites allow you to search the entire collection of published European standards and European standards under development. You can search for standards by their number and/or by all or part of the tile (in English, French or German). You can consult the scopes of standards to help you identify standards relevant to you.

Find out more:

The CEN-CENELEC Work Programme provides an overview of the most significant standardization activities that will be implemented in the different fields and sectors that CEN and CENELEC are dealing with, as well as related activities.

To help identify relevant standards, you can learn what each standard enables you to do by consulting its "scope".

To search for Electrotechnical European standards, use the CENELEC search tool.

To search for other European standards, use the CEN search tool.

The results page lists among the bibliographic data besides the scope also the normative documents referenced in a standard. However, it depends on your needs as to whether you require any of the documents referenced in addition to implementing a specific standard in your business environment.

All European standards are published and are available as national standards from the CEN and CENELEC national standardization organizations, often translated into national languages.

The national CEN and CENELEC standardization organizations can help you to find the right standards according to your activities and needs, to help you to understand them and how they link to other standards. Many national standardization organizations offer tailored support for specific sectors and technologies as well as national SME helpdesks. 

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