Raise Awareness 

Raising awareness about standardization is the first and most important step in the process of helping companies and organisations to become familiar with the world of standards. An increased awareness of standards will help SMEs to understand how they can be used as tools to achieve their business objectives.

Why should SMEs be aware of standards?

Because it will enable them to sell within the European Single Market or remain in a competitive position, to bring and receive current information about products, service etc. and to comply with regulations.

What can be done to raise awareness?

  • Hold seminars
  • Produce and distribute information materials (leaflets, etc.)
  • Hold trainings and workshops (at national, regional and/or local levels)
  • Include information in newsletters
  • Provide information at trade fairs and other events attended by SMEs
  • Develop dedicated web pages
  • Use online collaboration tools
  • Provide helpdesk services
  • Make use of social media

Who should raise awareness?

  • Standards organisations
  • Business associations
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Sectoral organisations
  • Governments and public authorities


How can this be achieved?

Efforts aimed at raising SMEs ‘awareness of standardization should focus on their needs and the practical benefits for businesses of using standards.
Raising awareness requires investment in time and resources to explain and demonstrate how standards can be used in practice. Regional and/or local events are especially useful for reaching out to SMEs. General information on standards and standardization should be combined with specific information and examples that are relevant for a particular audience.

Existing examples to use

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