Promote standardization using various means of communication 

Measure category: Raise awareness

Relevant information on standardization needs to be communicated to SMEs and other stakeholders repeatedly. Business associations and other organisations should be kept informed about recent and forthcoming developments regarding standards and standardization.

Raising awareness
Good communication with stakeholders is the key to promoting standardization. A clear communication plan should include a number of different activities. Effective communication is very often a matter of repeating a message several times in different ways. Therefore it is necessary to use a variety of communication tools and ensure a good timing of message delivery.

Communication should have a clear objective. Good knowledge of the target group(s) and of the potential impact and effectiveness of the different communication tools is essential. Messages should be developed from the perspective of the target audience and be explained in language that is easy to understand.
Using short film or video clips to promote standardization can be very effective as a way of communicating with potential customers. Videos can be published online and then shared on different websites, as well as via social media.

Standards organisations should aim to use a range of different communication tools, according to their own circumstances and the resources that are available to them.

Suitable tools and other means of communication could include the following:

  • Information materials (leaflets, etc.)
  • Information in newsletters
  • Dedicated web pages
  • Online collaboration tools
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Trainings and workshops (at national, regional and/or local levels)
  • Information stands at trade fairs and other events attended by SMEs
  • Helpdesk services
  • Social media
  • Videos

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