Make information about standards easily accessible via online databases 

Measure category: Provide information

Many national standards organisations have developed online catalogues in which all standards are listed. However, it is sometimes difficult for SMEs to find and identify the most appropriate standards that respond to their particular needs.

Good search tools with filters and multiple options are important for helping potential customers to identify which standards will address their needs. These search tools should be designed from the user’s point of view, and provide potential customers with all of the information they need in language that is easy to understand.

A good search tool will in general improve the sales of standards. They should make it easy for customers to see which other standards are connected with or related to each standard. Ideally, they should also indicate when standards are being revised and which new standards are being developed in each area (at national, European or international level).

Online databases should provide enough information for potential customers to decide which standard(s) will meet their needs, and to make it clear what they should expect in terms of the content and scope of each standard.

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