Provide Information 

Once SMEs are aware of standards, they may experience difficulty in identifying which standards are relevant to the products and services they are providing, where to find these standards and how to understand and use them.

Why do SMEs need to be informed?

The main problem for SMEs is to find relevant information on the standards relevant for the company. Related to this is the fact that companies often do not know whether an existing standard is still in effect. Furthermore SMEs are often unaware of the location for the distribution of standards documentation.

What type of information do SMEs need?

  • What standards are available (abstracts, etc.)
  • Where to find standards
  • How to obtain standards

Who should provide information?

  • Standards organisations
  • Business associations
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Sectoral organisations
  • Governments and public authorities

How should information be provided?

SMEs need clear information about the content of standards so they can easily choose which ones they would like to obtain. They also need support in understanding the content of standard documents through education, training and assistance.
Such assistance can be provided by means of helpdesk services that may be accessed via telephone and/or email.

Existing examples to use

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