Create catalogues with relevant standards for specific sectors 

Measure category: Provide information

Searching for applicable standards is sometimes difficult, especially for SMEs who may be unfamiliar with the world of standards. Standardised catalogues focusing on specific sectors are needed to make information about available standards more easily accessible. Such catalogues could be developed by national standards organisations, working in collaboration with relevant stakeholders such as business associations (chambers of commerce, etc.).

Catalogues should include the following information:

  • Relevant standards and their content
  • The added value of using each standard
  • The status of each standard
  • Intended target group(s)
  • Relation with European and/or national legislation
  • Related standards
  • Certification marks/labels
  • How to obtain/purchase the standard

One way to make it easier (and more affordable) for SMEs to purchase relevant standards is by offering bundles of standards that are relevant for SMEs in specific sectors. User-friendly formats such as pocket-sized guides can also make standards more accessible.

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