Provide training for experts to participate effectively in standardization 

Measure category: Promote participation

National standards organisations and business associations should work together to provide training sessions and workshops that enable individual experts, including SME representatives, to acquire and develop the knowledge and skills they need to make an effective contribution to standardization activities at European and/or international levels.

Knowledge of the formal procedures is an essential requirement for participating successfully in standardization. Individual members of CEN and CENELEC technical committees also need specific knowledge and skills so they can effectively interact and collaborate with their fellow committee members from many different countries and cultural backgrounds.

Training sessions should be adapted to the needs of specific target groups, depending on their level of experience, previous knowledge and particular interests.

Steps to develop a training session:

  • Define target group
  • Identify the information needs of the target group
  • Decide on topics and methods (media, workshop)
  • Develop suitable training materials
  • Decide on the dates and venues
  • Invite members of the target group (contacts, advertising)
  • Use feedback to improve the training

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