Promote Participation 

Even if SMEs are aware of standards in general, they may not realise that they can actively participate and influence the development of specific standards.

By participating in the standardization process, SMEs can ensure that new or revised standards address their current and future needs. They may also benefit from having access to knowledge about the latest developments and innovations – for example with regard to new technologies.

The more SMEs get involved in the European Standardization System, the better standards will be adapted to the specific requirements of SMEs, and the more SMEs will use these standards. Therefore it is also beneficial for the system as a whole to promote an increased participation of SMEs in the standardization process.

Why should SMEs participate?

Including SMEs as users of standards already in their development will lead to standards that are more user-friendly, shorter and easier for SMEs to deal with.
Standardization allows companies access to the state of the art in technology and thereby strengthens their innovation capacity. It creates a level playing field for the market access of companies and the introduction of new products and services.

What is the impact of participation?

  • Influencing the content of standards
  • Networking with other stakeholders 
  • Being informed of developments at an early stage 
  • Access to knowledge and expertise

Who should promote participation?

  • Standards organisations
  • Business associations
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Sectoral organisations
  • Governments and public authorities

How can participation be promoted?

  • Inviting SMEs to get involved in standardization activities
  • Boosting the capacity of SMEs by providing them with the necessary knowledge and resources
  • Making it easier for SMEs to participate in technical work
  • Promoting and providing more information about new standardization activities
  • Involving business associations and/or other organisations that represent SMEs


Existing examples to use

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