SME Standardization Toolkit (SMEST 2) 


The SMEST website is specifically developed for National Standards Bodies.  If you are an SME, please visit the dedicated web pages 'SME and Standards'.


Follow the SME activities


Measures and examples of good practice from across Europe are available in three categories:  

Raise Awareness

Show and explain the importance and the benefits of standardization

Provide Information

Access to information about standards and related activities

Promote Participation

Develop services for SMEs and ensure their participation

Business and industry associations can convey the needs of SMEs towards standards organisations and help them to make their activities and services more accessible for SMEs. These associations can effectively explain the importance of standards and the reasons to participate in the standards making process.

Standards bodies can adapt their ways of working to make sure that the needs of SMEs are systematically taken into account during the standardization process and thereby ensure that standards are widely accepted by all stakeholders, including SMEs.

On this web platform you can also contribute knowledge about how to facilitate SME involvement in standardization. Concrete examples are assigned to generic measures giving relevant information about possibilities of supporting SMEs. Of course, not all measures are applicable in each country because of different given national situations - also regarding the respective standards bodies.