Project Liaisons 

As a project proposer you might have identified an existing Technical Committee (TC) linked to your project idea. To facilitate the collaboration between the standardization world (CEN) and the research and innovation community, CEN therefore proposes and facilitates 'Liaisons'.

The concept of Liaisons

All CEN or CENELEC Technical Committees can develop a 'Liaison' with accepted research projects (FP7, Horizon 2020 or similar). This liaison allows a research project representative to participate in the meetings of the Technical Committees and relevant Working Group meetings as an observer. However, the participation from the research project representative is without decision power.

The details, including the annual fee (+/- 500 €/year/TC) to cover the administration costs related to their participation as a liaison "organization", are described in section 2 of the CEN-CENELEC Guide 25 (pdf format).

Benefits of a Liaison:

  • The project requesting the Liaison can demonstrate formal collaboration with the European Standardization System (usually a requirement in Horizon 2020 calls);
  • The project representative can participate in the TC directly, thus ensuring synergies between the research and standardization work (avoiding duplication of standardization work);
  • The project representative can propose a new work item (standard);

Conditions to grant a Liaison:

  • The project requesting the Liaison is an approved bona fide European research or similar project (European Commission or EUREKA);
  • The Liaison applies for the duration of the research project;
  • The project signs an undertaking accepting CEN's exploitation rights policy and agreeing that no information brought to the project's attention will be disseminated or exploited in any form.

If you are active in an on-going approved research project and interested to collaborate on standardization matters with any CEN Technical Bodies or CENELEC Technical Bodies please email us.