Standards in R&D projects 

There are many ways to use standards or standardization in research and in innovation. Ultimately, the most effective way to include standards and standardization in your research project is to make your national standards body a part of your research or innovation project. Depending on what funding instruments you use, you may be able to receive financial support for this action. Please contact the dedicated national contact person listed at our Research Helpdesk to discuss opportunities in more detail.

However, there are other ways to use standards or standardization in research. Rather unconsciously, every researcher relies on standards, e.g. by using standardized test methods or materials. Accordingly, using standards in research is only a question as to what extent standards are used as input. There are a couple of databases which provide a simple entry point into the collection of standards (national, European and international):

Shaping existing standards or creating new standards is a more complex task, but there are a couple of ways you can contribute to standardization:

  •  You can join a technical standardization committee (TC) to forward input from your research into standardization. This process ensures a broad participation of all stakeholders inviting everyone to comment on draft standards. These drafts can be accessed on the websites of the national members.
  • You can join a workshop to develop and contribute to normative or even purely informative documents. This will benefit research projetcs as it can be done within a short time frame. CWAs do not have the status of a “full” standard but do explicitly address quick-evolving environments such as R&D.

Once you have decided to address standardization in your project, you need to decide which of the routes available for standardization best answers your needs. We advise project proposers to contact us from the earliest possible stages of a project proposal. Advising how to include standardization in your project takes time and contacting us early will enable us to provide tailored support.

You can integrate standards in your project proposal by:

  • Adding a standardization partner to your consortia;
  • Screening existing standards in CEN or CENELEC;
  • Developing new standards activity;
  • Linking your project with ongoing standards' work.

When you consider addressing standardization in your project, please contact the CEN-CENELEC Research Helpdesk and we will guide you through the following options:

  • Identify the National Standardization Body which can become a partner in your project or associate in your steering committee;
  • Identify the links your proposal has with ongoing European standardization work (Technical Committees). We can support this by providing a letter of support for a project proposal.
  • Identify with you the best standardization solution for your project.

Please note that CEN and CENELEC cannot become formal partners in European funded research projects, delegating this participation in their national representatives. For information on our policy for participation in projects, please read our CEN-CENELEC Policy (pdf format).