Smart, green and integrated transport 

CEN and CENELEC develop standards in relation to various transport modes (road, rail and maritime), and relating to horizontal topics such as interoperability, intermodal transport, intelligent transport systems (ITS) and the transport of dangerous goods.

Many of the standards developed and adopted by CEN and CENELEC in the Transport and Packaging sector respond to standardization requests that have been issued by the European Commission (EC Mandates). Some of these are ‘harmonized standards’ that support the implementation of relevant European legislation including the EU Directives relating to: the interoperability of Europe’s rail system (2008/57/EC); cableway installations designed to carry passengers (2000/9/EC), recreational craft and personal watercraft (2013/53/EU – replacing 94/25/EC), and packaging and packaging waste (94/62/EC).

More information on the latest CEN-CENELEC activities on Transport and existing European Standards and other deliverables (Technical Reports and Specifications) can be obtained by visiting the dedicated website.

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