Standards in Horizon 2020 

In the past years the role of standardization as a bridge between research activities and the market has been increasingly recognized, both by EU institutions and by R&D stakeholders.

The European framework programme for R&D, Horizon 2020, focuses on market take-up of research results and innovation. Standardization is identified in Horizon 2020 as one of the measures that will support this. “Stronger support will be given to the market take-up of innovation, including by the public sector. This [...] will involve a better use of the potential of research infrastructures, as well as setting technical standards, pre-commercial procurement and strengthened loan and equity financing."

This growing relevance of standardization in the context of research projects is demonstrated by the growing number of call topics in which a reference to standardization is made.

References to standardization in the call topics in the H2020 work programmes 2016-2017 are as follows:

References to standardization in previous call topics in the H2020 work programmes 2014-2015 (LEIT and Societal Challenges) can be downloaded below: (all in word format)

On these webpages, we explain how as project proposers, you can integrate standardization in your proposals and give examples of projects having successfully addressed standardization. This material can be useful to prepare for the future Horizon 2020 proposals and calls but also for other research and funding programmes available at national and European level.

If you are looking for a specific standard or a specific Technical Committee, please visit:
    • If you want to address standardization in your Horizon 2020 project proposal please contact the CEN-CENELEC Research Helpdesk.