Standards in Industrial Leadership 

The first wave of calls under Horizon 2020 has been published by the European Commission in December 2013. These calls provide opportunities for consortia to apply for European funding to support research, development and innovation projects that will contribute to the advancement of science and technology across a wide range of different fields.

Several of the calls issued under the Industrial Leadership pillar refer to the possibility of standards and standardization being included in the work activities or as possible outputs of projects. Integrating standards and standardization in project proposals can amplify the impact of your project, facilitate the dissemination and exploitation of research results, and ensure a better evaluation

  • We will publish in due course an overview of all calls which make direct reference to standardization activities.

    Project leaders and consortia interested to address standardization can access advice on how to link-up with standardization by consulting our Horizon 2020 pillar-thematic webpages on the left or directly contacting the CEN-CENELEC Research Helpdesk.  

The advice we provide is free of charge, confidential, and tailored to the specific needs of each project.