Standards for Innovation- benefits 

Standards allow faster uptake of innovative solutions and enhance the economic value of research and innovation projects.

Integrating standards in your research projects will enable the:

  • Dissemination of your research results
    A standard becomes a reference document and will ensure that research results are disseminated and well-known, thus enhancing recognition of the researcher’s results.
  • Opportunity to network
    Participating in a standardization topic alongside other stakeholders allows you to increase your network and to identify potential scientific or commercial collaboration.
  • Faster and easier market uptake
    Taking into account existing standards within your research project guarantees that your innovative result (product or service) will respect existing standards and have a better market application. Moreover, translating research results into standards (terminology in a new area, new measurement methods, application of new technologies, organization of innovative services, good practices etc.) can provide market validation and facilitate the innovation uptake on the market.
  • Access to European or international markets
    Developing a European standard means potential access to the entire European market (more than 500 million inhabitants). The European Standardization Organizations (ESOs) also have agreements with the International Standardization Organizations (ISO and IEC) which can be further explored for international dissemination.
  • Access to public procurement markets
    Standards codify state of the art innovative products and services, and are often used as references in public procurement schemes. 
  • Codification of the state of the art
    Existing standards can codify and spread state of the art developments to various technologies. The need for additional standards can lead to the identification of new research needs and thus new ideas for research projects.
  • Interoperability of results
    Standards provide a basis for the integration of technologies into complex, innovative systems and solutions, and assist in ensuring interoperability. By developing or making use of standards your project will ensure results which are adapted to market conditions.
  • Reassure consumers
    Standards can offer reassurance to consumers in the application of new technologies, for example through the assessment of risks, the measurement of performance, etc...