Standards for Innovation 

Both at European level and within CEN and CENELEC, there is strong support to reinforce the links between research, innovation and standardization. These links are recognized in key political documents from all EU institutions, for example in the Communication on the “Innovation Union” within the EU 2020 Strategy, where the European Commission states that “Standards play an important role for innovation.” They are also recognized in the June 2011 Communication of the European Commission “A strategic vision for European Standards: Moving forward to enhance and accelerate the sustainable growth of the European economy by 2020.”

The CEN and CENELEC working group STAIR (STAndardization, Innovation and Research) was heavily involved in the reflection around HORIZON 2020, the European Framework for Research and Innovation. In this respect, the STAIR Group has provided an answer to the consultation of the European Commission on the future Framework for Research and Innovation (pdf format). The possible interactions and benefits between research and standardization have been qualified by the CEN and CENELEC STAIR working group as the "Integrated Approach (pdf format)."

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