Standards + Innovation Awards 

CEN and CENELEC are launching the Standards+Innovation Awards to acknowledge the important contribution of research and innovation to standardization and celebrate the contributions of researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs to standardization.
The awards will take the form of two annual awards to celebrate the worthy contributions from researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs to standardization,  and one biennial award to thank technical body officers within the CEN-CENELEC system for their pro-active support towards linking the technical body work with inputs from the research and innovation community.

The two annual awards will be presented for the first time at the European conference ‘Boosting innovation through standards’ on 13th November 2019

An annual award will be given to a European Research/innovation project (H2020, Horizon Europe) which has successfully contributed to standardization. The other annual award will be given to an individual who successfully introduced her/his research outcome or innovation into standardization, thereby creating impact for her/his work.

The biennial award will be offered at this year’s CEN and CENELEC Technical Body Officers Award Ceremony on 12th December 2019.

Nominations for these awards come from the CEN and CENELEC national Members, candidate countries and EFTA members.

For more information on the Standardization+Innovation Awards please contact