Oyster visual

OYSTER project – Represented by Marco Sebastiani

Nominated by UNI - Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione

Dec 2017 – Nov 2021

A failure to quantitatively control adhesion costs billions of euros each year in failed components, suboptimal product performance and life-threatening infections. Nano-enabled and bio-inspired products offer practical solutions to overcome adhesion and friction problems in these application areas. Current tools and methodologies, however, have so far failed to produce any standardised interpretation of adhesion data linking nanoscale adhesion to the macroscopic data. OYSTER brings Europe’s first-class laboratories and SMEs to take existing nanoscale characterisation technologies towards widespread utilisation in process optimisation and model validation. OYSTER uses contact mechanics to bridge adhesion data at multiple length scales and link interfacial adhesion to physicochemical properties.

OYSTER is developing a CEN Workshop Agreement for a novel standardized structure for terminology, classification and metadata of materials characterization methods.