Georg NEUBAUER - AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Nominated by DIN - Deutsches Institut für Normung


Dr Georg Neubauer is Senior Scientist at the Centre for Digital Safety & Security of AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and is leading various R&D projects in the area of cooperative digital technologies. He is member of CEN TC 391 and chairman of the Committee 246 Societal Security of the Austrian Standards Institute.

Dr Georg Neubauer was the coordinator of the European project EPISECC on interoperability in crisis and disaster management (CDM) and is part of the management team of the European project DRIVER+ coping with challenges arising in the CDM domain. He coordinated the two CEN Workshop Agreements CWA 17335 “Terminologies in Crisis and Disaster Management” and CWA 17513 Crisis and Disaster Management – Semantic and Syntactic Interoperability” and ensured therefore the use of the combined research outcomes of both projects in international standardization. In his function as chairman of the Austrian national Committee 246 he initiated the ongoing development of the Austrian national standard S2303 entitled “Integrated Disaster Management – Methodology for the Comparison of Names, Terms and Definitions”. The concept of S2303 is based on the methodologies of the CWA 17335. This approach ensures therefore the sustainable use of the outcome of international standardization activities on a national level.