NexTower visual

NEXTOWER project – Represented by Antonio Rinaldi

Nominated by UNE - Asociación Española de Normalización

Jan 2017 – Dec 2020

NEXTOWER introduces a set of innovative ceramic and metallic materials to boost the performance of atmospheric air-based concentrated solar power (CSP) systems to make them commercially viable. Tower systems are appealing for the great environmental compatibility and offer tremendous potential for efficient power generation. Their industrial exploitation has been so far hindered by limitations in the materials used both for the central receiver -the core component- and for thermal storage. Such limitations dictate maximum working temperature and in-service overall durability. Improving the efficiency of a tower system entails to work longer and at much higher temperature.

NEXTOWER optimizes bulk and joining materials for durability at the component level to achieve 25 years of maintenance-free continued service of the receiver and maximum thermodynamic efficiency at the system level. This is made possible through a combination of research in materials design and manufacturing, and CSP full-scale testing facilities within the project.
Based on the results of the project, CEN/WS NEXTOWER ‘Very high temperature accelerated ageing of flat ceramic specimens by concentrated solar power’ is currently developing a CWA.

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