Matrix Charging visual

Matrix Charging  – represented by Hermann Stockinger

Nominated by ASI - Austrian Standards International - Standardization and Innovation


Easelink, a high-tech company from Graz, Austria, develops the automated conductive charging solution “Matrix Charging”. The charging system consists of two components: the Matrix Charging Connector which is integrated on the vehicle underbody and the Matrix Charging Pad which is the infrastructure component integrated in any parking space. The Matrix Charging Pad can be integrated seamlessly into the parking space or placed on top of the parking space. Both elements of the charging system set up a highly effective conductive and automated connection to charge the vehicle.

Electric vehicle users only need to park the vehicle on the parking lot and the vehicle is automatically charged. In this way parking time becomes charging time. The Matrix Charging Pad can be installed indoor (e.g. in a garage) and outdoor (e.g. public spaces). Due to the robust design, the Matrix Charging Pad are maintenance-free. A cleaning routine performed by the Matrix Charging Connector cleans the pad from pollutions occurring on parking spots (e.g. dirt, leaves, etc.). Matrix Charging systems are already operated in real environment conditions within several vehicles of leading OEMs und vehicle fleet operators.

Easelink has been successfully funded by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 SME instrument phase 2 grant. The submitted and supported project is Matrix Charging.

Standardization is of great importance for the Matrix Charging project. Therefore, Easelink is already working in relevant standardization committees to contribute its knowledge gathered over the time and to be well prepared for the upcoming standardization projects:
International Expert in ISO/TC22/SC37/WG01 "Electrically propelled vehicles - Safety aspects and terminology"
National Expert in German DKE AK 353.0.103 “Automatic conductive charging” IEC Young Professionals Program 2019.