Paul MASON - Innovate UK





Nominated by BSI - British Standards Institution

Paul Mason has been the momentum behind the development and use of standards in Innovation in the UK. He was instrumental in the creation of PAS 440 Responsible Innovation. Furthermore, he has created compelling cases to communicate the value within UK government, research agencies and cross-sector community, and to highlight the need for standards to support open innovation.

Paul is a change agent who supports SMEs to be more innovative and consider the social good that innovation can bring, such as diversity and inclusion. He is also a thought leader in the academic domain where he recognised the need for robust frameworks that allow innovation to succeed in a similar manner to research. He is a passionate thought leader and true champion for standardization and the benefits innovation brings to people.

PAS 440 release: “Innovate UK, the UK's innovation agency, identified the need for a framework that would allow innovating organizations to demonstrate they are behaving responsibly and ensure that their processes are developed with broader societal implications in mind. Innovate UK wanted to develop a Publicly Available Specification (PAS), but first needed evidence to show that there was real market demand and that this would be used by organizations. BSI was commissioned to investigate the meaning of ‘responsible’ in the context of different industries to understand what would need to be covered by a framework.”