Sepp EISENRIEGLER - Repair and Service Centre R.U.S.Z







Nominated by ASI - Austrian Standards International - Standardization and Innovation

Sepp Eisenriegler is the owner and CEO of the Repair and Service Centre R.U.S.Z, a social business and a centre for consumer protection and sustainability. R.U.S.Z as a competence hub for repair and re-use operates Austria's largest re-use centre for large household appliances and offers a weekly repair café for individuals willing to repair their devices themselves.

Sepp Eisenriegler consistently followed his idea of resource conservation by standardisation and product design of energy related products: Based on the pre standardization deliverable ONR 192102:2006 09 01, developed by R.U.S.Z technicians and updated in 2014 together with ASI (ONR 192102:2014 10 01), R.U.S.Z has developed a basis to test new devices and assess their sustainability.