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Welcome to the “Research and Innovation” dedicated area of CEN and CENELEC (European Standardization Organizations).

On 13 Nov 2019, we held a high-level 1-day event CEN and CENELEC Standards + Innovation Conference “Boosting Innovation Through Standards” with the aim of boosting the market uptake of innovation and research outcomes by using standardization as an enabler. Along the day, leading experts in innovation and standardization presented their experiences in linking the two worlds and highlighting how each one is benefiting from the other. In that respect, we would like to share the outstanding keynote speech by Dr Kirsten Dunlop, Chief Executive Officer, EIT Climate-KIC as well as conference presentations slides from different sessions (upon the speakers agreement).



Discover how European standards contribute to the success of research and innovation activities, facilitating market uptake, finding partners (e.g. industry, policy, consumer) for your activities, using existing knowledge, transferring know-how or easing the access to financial resources.

“What is the link between innovation and standardization?”  

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