Research & Innovation 


Standards allow faster uptake of innovative solutions and enhance the economic value of research and innovation projects. 
Integrating standards in your research projects will enable the:

  • Dissemination of your research results
    A standard becomes a reference document which will ensure that research results are broadly disseminated, thus enhancing recognition of the researcher’s results.
  • Opportunity to network
    Participating in a standardization topic alongside other stakeholders allows you to  network and to identify potential scientific or commercial collaborations.
  • Faster and easier market uptake
    Taking into account existing standards or developing a new standard within your research project guarantees that your innovative result (product or service) will have a better market application and uptake. Translating research results into standards, facilitates the market validation and the innovation uptake on the market.
  • European and International markets
    The European Standardization Organizations (ESOs) have agreements with the International Standardization Organizations (ISO and IEC) which can be further explored for international dissemination.
  • Access to public procurement markets
    Standards codify state of the art innovative products and services, and are often used as references in public procurement schemes.
  • Reassure consumers
    Standards reassure customers through the assessment of risks and the measurement of performance (e.g. new technologies)