Innovation Plan 

CEN and CENELEC have defined an Innovation Plan aiming to strengthen their relationship with researchers and innovators.
The Innovation Plan identifies 9 specific actions, addressing 3 strategic goals:

Strategic Goal 1: Recognizing contributions from Research

  • Action #1 - Supporting development of agreements (publicized through a press release or award) between NSBs/NCs and research-intensive organizations (RTOs, university departments, hi-tech companies…) having a strong and visible ‘footprint’ in standardization including facilitated access to standards and/or standardization for research purposes

  • Action #2 - Collection and dissemination of Success Stories including from research and other organisations.  Success Stories will demonstrate the value of standards to support innovation including cases where standards are valued at the same level as Patents
  • Action #3 - Annual Awards for individual researchers/innovators/startuppers’ contributions to standardization
    - Note 1: several of our national members have already issued awards at the national level - a non-exhaustive list is here.
    - Note 2: a first series of awards at European level was issued in 2019 – more information is available here

  • Action #4 - Information sessions on the benefits of standardization provided to venture capitalists and technology transfer initiatives at European and national level (innovation hubs, business incubators…)

Strategic Goal 2: Fast-track Approach

  • Action #5 - Develop best practice on how to involve research consortia (Horizon 2020 and national or similarly financed consortia) in standardization (for example by developing CWAs or other timely deliverables) – thereby channelling innovation towards CEN – CENELEC

  • Action #6 - Develop and make available a ‘fast track process’ to transform, if required, CWA (or any other deliverable or reference document) into a consensus standard (EN)

Strategic Goal 3: Recognition and support from Institutions

  • Action #7- Influence Horizon Europe (FP9) tenders to increase the number and quality of references to standardization – two levels: European (EC, ETPs) and national (Ministries, WP committees)

Note: In support of this action, the BRIDGIT2 project provided evidence-based recommendations for Horizon Europe and a market study on standardization in EU Framework Programmes (FP7, H2020).”

  • Action #8 - Influence private sector/industry research groups to use standardization work packages as part of their research programmes and project proposals (and included in their Horizon Europe tenders)

  • Action #9 - Influence assessment schemes (Amsterdam Declaration, European Quality Assurance for Higher Education) of public entities and Universities to enable them to engage in standardization by ensuring that contribution of researchers to standardization work is recognized in a similar way to traditional scientific publications