Selecting calls of interest 

Calls for proposals are launched on a regular basis by the EC and are structured around specific areas such as bio-based industries, energy, or ICT. A full list of areas is available on the Horizon 2020 website.

To help you select calls relevant to you, or to evaluate a request for participation, consider such aspects as:

  • reference to standardization in the call
  • standardization potential and standardization needs that are already identifiable
  • possibilities for cooperation with existing technical committees (e.g. liaison)
  • resources available to you
  • national stakeholders active in this specific research field

How can you find partners for a research project

If you have identified calls that are relevant or of interest to you, you can also search for and propose partnership requests through channels such as CORDIS, IDEALIST, Fit for Health or NMP Partner Search. Furthermore you might consider to use contacts from previous research projects (and their networks) or to increase your organization’s ‘visibility’ by networking with research communities on both European and national levels.

Additionally some partnership requests can be forwarded to you by CCMC (the CEN-CENELEC policy of participation will apply).