Implementing the research project 

If the project proposal is to be funded, the EC sets up the Grant Agreement while the Consortium Agreement is negotiated among the project partners. The Consortium Agreement should be read carefully, in particular concerning handling of partners’ background knowledge (for NSBs/NCs a particularly relevant issue can be access to existing standards) and project results (outcomes that might be used for standardization activities). After signing the Consortium Agreement as well as the Grant Agreement the project is implemented. Any deviations from the contractual agreements need to be negotiated among partners and in some case (e.g. financial issues) with the EC.

Which aspects should you consider during implementation?

  • Consult the Grant Agreement for information on reporting periods
  • Record all costs and expenditures and link them to activities
  • Report only via the Participant Portal possible
  • Be prepared to participate in technical reviews by independent experts commissioned by the EC