Drafting a project proposal 

Having selected a call, you will need to start preparing the project proposal with the project consortium, and present your capability as a participant. For this, it is important to consider how to address contacts and to have prepared justifications for the role of standardization and its benefits.

Step one: Presenting your capability as a participant

Any first direct contact is the one that sets the scene.

  1. If the project consortium has already considered standardization or wants to address standardization proactively:
    (a) Check and analyse those parts of call text concerning standardization activities;
    (b) ask for the coordinator‘s ideas on integrating of standardization (why and how);
    (c) assess the coordinator’s proposal;
    (d) develop a rough proposal of what you can offer;
    (e) discuss the proposal internally;
    (f) prepare and propose a rough budget for your contribution and discuss your role with the coordinator.

  2. If the project consortium has not yet considered standardization or is unaware of standardization:
    (a) Familiarize yourself with the call text;
    (b) think about your potential contribution to the project and make suggestions to the coordinator about standardization activities to support the project (including the benefits and principles of standardization);
    (c) discuss your potential participation (if you end up being refused, keep a note of the contact for other projects and standardization events; if your participation is agreed, continue with developing the proposal, as in items d), e) and f), above).

Step two: Developing and scheduling your project activities

Having joined the consortium there are many activities that you can contribute to a research project, such as:

  • analysing existing standards and standardization activities, e. g. mapping existing standard deliverables and scheduled standardization activities;
  • analysing standardization potential, e. g. determine the standardization potential of research results jointly with project partners and other stakeholders;
  • advising on the most suitable standardization strategy for the project, e. g. level of standardization (e.g. European or international) or liaison (see BOSS website) with existing TCs;
  • assisting or facilitating the standardization process, e. g. providing support to researchers on standardization principles.

How to finance your activities?

The overall budget of the proposal must have parts dedicated to standardization activities and thus also for you as NSB/NC. The budget will depend on your role in the consortium and the activities foreseen. There are different funding rules depending on your mode of participation.