Tools for CEN and CENELEC Members 

Participating in research projects is becoming an increasingly important means to integrate research results into the existing standards landscape and to establish new areas of standards activity, which in turn fosters the development of new business for European companies. The results of research projects can be invaluable to you as a standardizer; and so standardization needs to be able to incorporate the findings gained in research in order to integrate the latest knowledge into standards.

These webpages provide tools and information for CEN and CENELEC members on how to integrate research within your standardization activities. The advice document ‘How to Link Standardization with EU Research Projects - Advice for CEN and CENELEC members’ contains useful material on the links between research, standardization and innovation.

A set of 4 training videos are available to assist members who wish to engage with the research/innovation community:

Video 1 - Standards and innovation

Video 2 - Horizon 2020

Video 3 - Strategy and getting organized

Video 4 - Overcoming communication barriers

Important aspects in establishing, increasing or further developing interaction with the research community can be found under the following headlines:

Getting organized

Getting organized – explains what to be taken into account to ensure a well-organized approach to activities related to research projects.

Engaging your stakeholders

Engaging your stakeholders – focuses on how to define and engage with stakeholders in the research community.

Participating in research projects

Participating in research projects – gives information on your potential role in research projects, how to find a relevant project and how to participate.